Grace over rules, life over death, and Jesus over everything.

We are a crew of young people that love Jesus and people. Our passion is to awaken a generation to the reality of Jesus and we consider it a privilege to invest into this generation. We believe that Youth Ministry is a platform to grow young people in their personal relationships with God and develop in them an identity rooted in Jesus. We are dedicated to raising up a generation that will change the world and spark revival in their homes, their schools, and communities. It is our goal to create a fun, intimate, and authentic environment where youth can learn to love God, love others, and take the first steps into their calling.

Join us for our weekly youth gatherings!

Our worship is dynamic & our message speaks into living for Christ today!

Along with food and games, The Verge is a Worship Experience just for Junior High and High School students. It is primarily centered around worship and a message that speaks into the lives of young people.