Grow Course

Your first step towards joining team at VIVE is completing the Grow Course presented in the video below. In this 15 minute course, Pastor Adam presents the fundamentals of God's plan of growth for our lives and how we can discover our calling through serving on team.



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Serving Team


Guest Experience

If this team entered into the Olympic Games, people would be our category. This team's purpose is all about creating the most incredible and seamless experience for every new guest and member that walks into our church no matter the location.


Ministry Teams


Worship Experience

This encompasses our two specialized teams - worship & production. These teams play a big role on Sundays in serving through creative and technical expressions. It's for the creative, technically-minded, and musically inclined.



We are committed to teaching and developing a generation of children who are raised up knowing that they are sons and daughters of the King. The Royal Kids team has the greatest honor of instilling a foundation based on a royal identity of value and worth in a child's life.

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We are dedicated to raising up a generation that will change the world and spark revival in their homes, schools, and communities. It is our goal to create a fun, intimate, and authentic environment where youth can learn to love God, love others, and take the first steps into their calling.

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media Team

We are story tellers—called to create and collaborate, who love to use our abilities to tell the story of what God is doing in our church. We are passionate about pioneering creativity in the realms of film, social media, design, photography and audio post production, and using all of them to glorify Jesus.