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Ephesians 3:12 – We are redeeming the word “whatever.” Being on team means serving with a “whatever” attitude, which means that whatever comes our way, we've got this. We will do whatever it takes to see people awakened to the reality of Jesus.

WE BUILD the local church

We understand that the church is the only organization that exists for its non-members. At VIVE, we are committed to using our time, tithe, and talents to build this church and proclaim to the SF Bay Area that “THERE IS A HOPE” and His name is Jesus.

WE Never Stop Growing

We know that in order to grow the church, we need to grow people. As this team pours out on Sundays, we are committed to pastoring and growing our volunteers at VIVE Church through multiple avenues such as Midweeks, The HUB, Campus Team Nights, and more.

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whatever your gift, there's something for you

Volunteer with us!


Serving Team


Guest Experience

If this team entered into the Olympic Games, people would be our category. This team's purpose is all about creating the most incredible and seamless experience for every new guest and member that walks into our church no matter the location.


Ministry Teams


Worship Experience

This encompasses our two specialized teams - worship & production. These teams play a big role on Sundays in serving through creative and technical expressions. It's for the creative, technically-minded, and musically inclined.



We are committed to teaching and developing a generation of children who know that they are sons and daughters of the King. This team has the greatest honor of instilling a foundation based on a royal identity of value and worth in a child's life.


Midweek Leader

Midweek Leaders are commissioned leaders dedicated to building community and pastoring our church. We are weight bearers that are committed to partnering with our pastors to disciple people and see them discover their best life in Christ.

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We are dedicated to raising up a generation that will change the world and spark revival in their homes, their schools, and communities. It is our goal to create a fun, intimate, and authentic environment where youth can learn to love God, love others, and take the first steps into their calling.


Pastoral Care & Development


We could not do church without our VIVE Team. We are committed to pastoring and growing our volunteers at VIVE Church. We utilize the following avenues as pastoral care and developments for our team.

1. Midweeks - Doing life together and growing in our faith weekly.
2. The HUB - An all in night of impartation of faith and vision from our lead pastors.
3. VIVE Leaders Retreat - 24-hour retreat for VIVE Leaders focused on leadership training.
4. Inside Elevation Conference - A 2 day church teams conference in North Carolina that VIVE Leaders are invited to
5. Sundays - Growing together through powerful sermon series.

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Want to join the team?

Register for the next GROW Course, happening on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

2018 GROW Course Dates


Jan 9th
Feb 13th
March 13th
April 10th
May 8th
June 12th

July 10th
Aug 14th
Sept 11th
Oct 9th
Nov 13th
Dec 11th


Register for the next GROW Course in a location near you!


All in team night


These are team-exclusive nights where volunteers from all campuses come together to worship and receive impartation of faith and vision from our Lead Pastors themselves.



2018 HUBS


Our first HUB of 2018 is happening this January 31st, 7PM at the McAfee Center in Saratoga. RSVP below and come ready to start the year strong with us!

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