Khris & Natalia


Khris & Natalia Sandifer lead this couples’ group from the home of Kyle & Anna Jenke in San Carlos. From the time he was a pre-teen, Khris has found comfort behind the lens of a camera and has made his passion for photography, film directing, and branding the basis of his career. He works with a diverse clientele of professional athletes, entertainers, and more. Understanding and pouring into people is a gift that has fueled his success in his field, but more importantly, it is one that he pours into the Kingdom through evangelism and exhortation. Natalia works at a large healthcare organization as part of a team of strategists and has recently helped to start a non-profit organization. In both roles, her work is designed to help people realize individual and/or leadership excellence. In their spare time you can find them traveling, hanging with friends, and embarking on adventures with their two fun and energetic boys.


This Midweek is currently at over-capacity. Sign ups will reopen once spaces are available.

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