Heidi & Nina


Heidi and Nina co-lead this Womens Midweek at Heidi's cozy home in Campbell. Heidi is a Bay Area native (since age 3) and has worked the past several years in full time ministry as the Assistant to a local Christian promoter and currently as Executive Assistant for Cityteam Ministries. She is a creative and loves to inspire others through poetry, drama and most recently through serving with VIVE Worship on Team Vocals. Nina on the other hand recruits engineering talent at LinkedIn. You can find her exploring the outdoors, climbing rocks, mountain biking and staying active.

You can expect a safe space at this Midweek where you are encouraged to share your heart and grow in wisdom through Spirit led conversations. "Must Love Dogs" as Heidi's Norfolk Terrier, Milou has been known to greet guests with a hug.

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