Le's & Cherian's



Vijo & Sharon co-lead the San Jose Family Group with Wilson & Mei Le at the Le's large and lovely house! Vijo came to the Bay Area from South India in 2000 and has worked here as a Software Engineer ever since. Sharon came to the Bay Area from the Midwest in 2015 when they got married. She is now a full-time mom to their daughter Marylise and part-time freelancer in language instruction and writing/editing. Their life revolves around the priorities of family, work, and church & ministry. In their free time they love to hang out as a family, host people, go hiking, travel, and teach their daughter the 7 languages they speak between them.

Wilson and Mei lead their family group in their home in the Evergreen/San Jose area. Before Wilson settled back into his hometown of San Jose, he traveled and worked in at least 20 different states. He now leads a group of Engineers at Cisco Systems. Mei is a School Counselor by trade but a social change wannabe at heart. Deeply troubled by the inequity and injustices of our system, she has chosen to dedicate her career in advocating for programs and policies that improve the lives of the neediest children and families in our community. If Wilson and Mei aren’t busy chasing after their 2 young sons to eat their food, they can be caught at home watching football and basketball while enjoying a good cup of coffee for Mei and boba for Wilson.

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