Nam Dinh, Tom Cruz & Alex Nguyen


Nam, Tom, and Alex co-lead this Men's Midweek in North San Jose. Nam studied social work and sociology in the past and loves to serve people. In fact, he's served foster youth for a handful of years. Nam is looking forward to this summer where he will begin his doctorate in physical therapy. In his free time, he enjoys trying new recipes and cooking for others. Nam occasionally helps the VIVE Film Team during the week and on Sundays, you can see him serving on the audio team in our San Jose campus. He enjoys all sports and board games.

Tom on the other hand works as an electrical engineer at Intel in wireless communications. He moved to the Bay Area over from New Jersey, but he's not your basic GTL-er. Tom enjoys hiking and exploring nature, as well as cooking and traveling. He also will never turn down a game of Monopoly.

Alex is currently working with a Thermo Plastic/Resin Startup. He technically plays with chemical, solves financial issues, handles shipping policy of hazardous material and races forklifts everyday for a living.

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