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Praise / Prayer

It would be our privilege to stand with you in prayer and see your prayer requests transition into miracles. Please click below to submit either a prayer request or praise report. We believe in the power of prayer & love to glorify Him through your testimonies.

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Premarital Guidance

Our Premarital Guidance is designed to equip dating couples who are considering engagement and engaged couples for a marriage that flourishes. This is a special season in your life, and we consider it an honor to be part of the journey.

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Pastoral Care

We are deeply committed to care for those God has entrusted to our community. We believe that you will find life, fulfillment and wholeness in Jesus and His community, the church.There are many ways to receive help, care, and development at VIVE Church.


We’ve intentionally built some ways you can receive care into the fabric of our community:

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Sunday Services

We believe your Sunday should change your Monday. At VIVE, you can expect to hear a dynamic message that you can meditate on and apply in your daily life. In the complexities of life, we often need the simple truths, made available through God’s Word, applied in our lives.

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Life shouldn’t be lived alone. We are built for and long relationships, and through groups there are opportunities to build relationships, do life with others, and practically encourage each other in our faith journey and what we learn on Sunday.

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We serve because Jesus served. The Bible says, as you refresh others, you yourself will be refreshed. Many times to move forward in something we’re going through, we can find freedom in taking our eyes off ourselves and build in a routine of serving others.

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Personal Development

There are many tools God has given us directly in our Christian life and many of the trials we face can be opportunities to rely on God. Establishing a routine of praying, reading the Bible, and giving of our finances are avenues in which our faith and trust is built in Him.


We understand that navigating this life is a constant journey. Here are some people to reach out to:

Resources - 1

If you are in a group and/or volunteer team, we encourage you to reach out to your group and/or volunteer team leader. They are commissioned leaders in the church under the oversight of their respective Campus Pastor. Their heart is to serve and disciple, and are equipped to do so.

Resources - 2

If you do not have a group or team leader, or do not feel comfortable sharing with them, you can also fill out the form below which goes directly to our Pastoral Care Director who can help route your form to the best leader or Pastor to reach out for follow up.

Resources - 3

In situations where emergency resources are needed, we have also prepared the following resource document which you can use for the listed areas of need.

Download here:
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We’d love to meet you and welcome you home

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