VIVE Austin will officially be launching in September of 2019 but we are already gathering weekly and building incredible relationships. So whether you're a college student, a family new to the area, or a young professional working in the city, we know you will find your community at VIVE Austin.

We can't wait to meet you!

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Ps. Gabriel and Rita are originally from Tijuana, Mexico. Gabriel's work in the television industry moved them to the Bay Area in 2014. As the sports anchor for Telemundo Bay Area, he covered events in every major sport, from the Super Bowl and NBA Finals to the World Series and Copa Oro and won 6 Emmy Awards. In their search to make San Jose feel like home, they found VIVE Church. Pastor Adam and Keira’s audacious faith and clear vision sparked something within them the moment they stepped through the door and signed up to serve from the get-go. Through VIVE they found family and a place where they could use their talents and gifts to grow God’s kingdom.

As Gabriel grew professionally in influence and renown, a restlessness started to develop in him and Rita. As a couple, they had a dream to work and build something together. They had thought that was Gabriel’s career, but that wasn’t enough. It was time for something different. At the same time, in God’s perfect timing, God put the vision and love for the city of Austin in Ps. Adam’s heart. Their love for God, VIVE Church, and people led them to take a bold step in faith and say yes to pastoring this new location. Earlier this year they packed everything they had, and with their two children, Roxanna and Gabriel, moved to Austin to begin this new adventure of working together to create a place where people can find what they found in the Bay, a family, a HOME.




We would love for you to partner with us in seeing God bring revival to Austin!